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Modeling Online Presence

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The objective of Modeling Online Presence is to enable the integration and exchange of data related to users' online presence. Someone's online presence reflects her/his current use of and interactions with online sevices. It includes elements of the temporary state of the user's interactions with the services. The project provides a Semantic Web online presence ontology (OPO) for representing rich data about a user's online presence in RDF. The rationale is as follows.

With the appearance of instant messaging (IM) tools and Social Web sites, most notably social networks, Internet faced a proliferation of social activities among users. On a typical service that offers some form(s) of social interactions, users present themselves to their contacts by maintaining user profiles. Services that favor direct and frequent communication tend to include descriptions of user's temporary state in the profile. By the elements of temporary state, we mean primarily custom messages on IM platforms and social networks, as well as description of availability/willingness to chat. Often, visual representations known as avatars are used to depict user's online persona.
In fact, if we look at the activity of maintaining this dynamic kind of user profiles, that activity is no more than creating an image of oneself's presence in the online world, a representation of how one wishes to be seen by his/her contacts. The use of custom messages, IM statuses and avatars became a common way for users to publish the character of their presence on online services and in the online world in general.
It is important to distinguish the nature and purpose of user modeling and static user profiles, dealing mostly with persistent characteristics of a user, from the nature and purpose of online presence that deals with dynamic and changeable characteristics that are related to user's current appearance in the online world.

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Milan Stankovic, Jelena Jovanovic, Alexandre Passant, Nikola Milikic, Filip Radulovic