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Danica's Best Paper Award

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On Wednesday, May 14, 2013, our member Dr Danica Damljanovic, won the Best Paper Award at Linked Learning workshop at WWW 2013 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The paper entitled “Learning from Quizzes Using Intelligent Learning Companions” discusses how linked data can be exploited to create intelligent learning companions, and a Smart Tutor system. Danica, Chief Learning Architect at Kuato Studios, and her colleague David Miller (Chief Learning Architect), are, with their team at Kuato Studios, building a Smart Tutor which will offer an entirely new way for students to learn. Using real-time, adaptive learning, their Smart Tutor will use linked data as a knowledge base to improve natural language understanding and reasoning. As such, users with different abilities and interests will be able to engage conversationally with their ‘own’ Smart Tutor across a variety of learning areas. Kuato Studios is a spin-off of SRI institute, with a mission to develop “truly adaptive and engaging products to enhance the way we learn”.