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Synesketch is a Web's first free open-source software library for textual emotion recognition and visualization – code that feels the words visually.

It is a form of digital synesthesia, a bridge between words, emotions, and images. While one types, Synesketch dynamically transfers the text into animated visual patterns. Emotional content of the text is represented via various Processing graphics (everyone can build her/his own). Our project is a result of a research that spreads out through several diverse fields – from natural language processing techniques based on WordNet, across Ekman's research of emotions, to color psychology, visual design, data visualizations, and affective computing. 

Besides injoying our visual artworks, you are welcome to create your own Synesketch visualizations, or build serious emotion sensing or synesthesia-like applications, with Java and Processing. Enhancing human communication, expression, and inspiration is the main goal of the project. 

Synesketch Graphics

The upper picture shows the example of the Synesketch visualisations: six algorithmically generated images as a response to six basic emotions, defined by Ekman – happiness, anger, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust (left to right, top to bottom).

Official Homepage

Project Founder and Coordinator
Uros Krcadinac

Nikola Milikic, Filip Radulovic, Nela Kolundzija, Aleksandar Svitlica

2008: Krcadinac, U., Textual emotion recognition and creative visualization, Graduation Thesis, FON - University of Belgrade, (in Serbian, Prepoznavanje i kreativna vizuelizacija emotivnog sadr┼żaja teksta)